Yellow Rose

Gallery 2013 Yellow Rose-1.jpg
Gallery 2013 Yellow Rose-1.jpg

Yellow Rose

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Technical Information:

A Nikon D3200 capture converted in Lightroom 5, image available on Fuji Colour Crystal DP Matte bonded to Aluminium Dibond or as an original print under Matte Acrylic Glass, Ilford 190g/m2 Monochrome paper is used for Black & White images or Berger 100% cotton 360g/m2 for Canvas prints.

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Aluminium Dibond ( Original Print on Dibond)

The 1/8" (3 mm) aluminium Dibond backing consists of a black polyethylene core sandwiched between 2 aluminium sheets coated platinum-white. A triple-layered composite material, it ensures stability while maintaining a low weight. Ideal for a gallery-quality presentation in any format.

A UV protective laminate is applied to your photo print to prevent fading and mount it on a 1/8" (3 mm) thick aluminium Dibond backing. The laminate is very high-quality and long-lasting.

Original Photo Print under MATTE Acrylic

Acrylic glass is lightweight and shatterproof. Mounted under matte acrylic, the image’s depth is intensified, soft colours pop, and there are no reflections. Even the softest pastels appear more vibrant, and the acrylic adds a sense of depth without distracting glare. At Charles Sterling we choose the best photo paper for the image that brings out the very best in your fine art, photo art work.

Permanently elastic silicone is the ideal way to bond different materials. It seals and protects, and is also elastic enough to compensate when materials expand and contract as the temperature changes. It is a top of the line solution for durable mounting that won’t blister or crack.

Our photo prints for both Aluminium and Acrylic finishes come with a 75-year brilliant colour guarantee. That’s because they are developed using state-of-the-art laser exposure and a traditional wet process. Our photo prints are made on Fuji Crystal DP II, which are available in a glossy or matte finish. For black and white images, we use matte Ilford Monochrome.

Fuji Colour Crystal DPii

Fuji colour crystal DPii archive paper is a silver halide paper designed to produce high-image quality prints, with deep blacks (high D-max), vibrant colours and brilliant whites. This paper incorporates the latent silver halide emulsion and layer technology to deliver enhanced colour reproduction.

With level of image stability this paper is ideal for display purposes, boasting extent latent image stability, resulting in more brilliant, purer whites and clearer and more distinct highlights.

Ilford Monochrome

Ilford Monochrome is a premium quality black and white, panchromatic photographic paper that has a neutral image colour. It is coated onto a bright white, medium weight (190g/m²), water resistant, resin-coated base. Designed using the very latest black and white silver halide emulsion technology. It has spectral sensitivity and exposure characteristics especially suited to digital optics.

This paper has excellent contrast, sharpness and surface finish that will give superb continuous tone black and white images or text from digital files prepared from either black and white or colour film negatives or positives, prints and digital originals.

Premium Canvas

The premium canvas of weight 360g/m2 made from 100% cotton and its woven texture is clearly visible in the matte surface. This creates a tactile, vibrant effect, in particular for images that lack distinct image components and contours. This material is popular amongst professional photographers, particularly for landscapes to make a stronger impression.

This paper provides excellent colour saturation and the accuracy with which it reproduces the original. During the printing, we use a total of six colours. This not only ensures a finer tonality than with standard prints, but also greater colour saturation. Immediately after the print, we harden the colour pigments, which are encapsulated in resin, using UV light. This means your canvas print is resistant to external influences such as UV exposure and light splashes of water.