Nikon D7200 vs. D7100 specifications comparison

I am currently a D7100 user and I am struggling to justify, if at all, upgrading to the D7200. Many of my fellow Nikon users have suggested that if I want to upgrade the next step should be to the D750. With that being said, there are some cool upgrades on the D7200 which mainly benefit those who shoot a lot for video such Movie Live View, and the introduction of VGA as a format.

The Picture Control 'FLAT' is not much of a pull either. On the D750 though you get the full frame Sensor. Shame Nikon changed the size of the flash hot shoe [Phottix] without consideration of the SB seris and other accessories etc.. but I mainly do landscapes so speed-lights at this moment are rarely used during the golden hour.

So here is where I need your help out there in internet land. Please comment and let me have your thoughts...from the D7100 should I go D7200 or the D750? Please comment below: 

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