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When you start off life as a photographer everything you read about photography is so serious. Focal length, aperture, ISO and exposure are just some of the subjects and technical jargon that get thrown at you. But sometimes you just want to have fun when learning and in this blog I have decided to choose YouTube channels that I just love watching for photography.

DigitalRev TV

During this episode you see a cowboy and indian style shoot out between Asuka, Lok and Kai of DigitalRev TV. The great thing about this review is that you are learning about the features of the Nikon D7200, Canon  7Dii and Canon 70D in a fun way. Although Kai won this fun competition with the D7200, the Canon Canon 7Dii is well known for its excellent auto focus system, and its rapid 10fps burst, so in theory getting the most in focus head shots should have come from the Canon 7Dii. Watch the video and leave your comments below.

As you become accomplished as a photographer you may believe that you will out grow channels like DigitalRev TV, but I appreciate the frank and sometimes brutal honest way in which they review product, with a smile.

Fro Knows Photos dot Com

I love watching Jared Polin's channel (maybe its the hair, LoL), simply because he is so full of energy and to the point. He breaks down the techno speak into plain old fashion English and relates it to practical everyday situations and needs. As with DigitalRev TV there are so many videos to choose from that illustrate what I am trying to share in this blog. Jared's review of the current range of Nikons FX (full frame) cameras is plan down to earth and easy to follow. See what you think and I will catch up with you after the video.

D750 first? Nan! I would save up and buy the D810 first make some money a then buy the D750 as my back up FX body. The D4s looks like monster to me and if you are a well established professional doing lots of studio stuff then it probably makes sense. For me it would be the D810, because I am primarily a Landscape and Cityscape photographer and the detail and high dynamic range that the D810 produces is simply amazing.

You don't have to take my word for it, check out the videos of two really fun YouTube channels, learn while having fun. Visit my website after you read the blog and let me know what you think of my work in the comments below. I am open to critiques, I am not precious or easily offended because I just want to be a better photographer. Like! Charles Sterling Jarrett Photography on FaceBook and follow me on Twitter it would be most appreciated.

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