Norway A Mystical Land

Norway Fjords & Mountains

I have been to Scandinavia a few times, but I have never had the privilege to go to the far north and experience the Northern Lights and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the fjords. Overtime I have seen pictures from that part of the world and I want go there and sit and contemplate, and think, and rest! There is something magical about these towering mountains and plunging fjords of blue crystal, still water.

When I saw this article by Linda.D of BoredPanda I was inspired again to add Scandinavia and probably Norway in particular to my bucket list. The other country that inspires me as deeply; is New Zealand, the landscapes of, Lord of The Rings are etched into my visual psyche and never seem to fade in colour or intensity. The sweeping panoramas confirm our minuteness, our insignificance by scale in a global ecosystem. However, with that being said, we, humanity have probably had the greatest impact on the planet all by ourselves.

 Published by 500 px

 Published by 500 px

The natural beauty of Norway's 'forests and deep fjords to snow-capped mountains and cold, arctic tundras', draw you to the outdoors, compelling you to keep breathing and causes you to appreciate the mystery of life, the cognitive reality that we; ‘humanity are actually herre'. 

'Norway is a geographical rarity because its length from north to south gives it one of the greatest varieties of environments in a single country in Europe – from deciduous forests to arctic tundras. It should be a far colder and icier country than it is, but its temperatures are somewhat regulated by the relatively warm North Atlantic and Norwegian currents. Nonetheless, its coasts are slashed by fjords that were carved by massive glaciers and ice sheets during the last ice age, giving its rugged northern coasts even more majestic charm'.

It is my dream to visit this beautiful country some day and to enjoy these breath taking views with my trusted, D7100, tripod and Lee Filter system to capture what can only be described as a little bit of heaven.