Tower Bridge Walk Way - London at Night

London is the most beautiful city in the world to photograph at night; a mixture of old and new always give the photographer a wonderful opportunity to create timeless compositions. This photo was taken on the 11 December 2015. As I was  walking to Tower Bridge along the south bank of the River Thames I noticed a bicycle tethered to a sign post and it catch my eye with the bridge behind and the modern skyscrapers of The City of London further behind again. 

The difficulty with he composition was trying not to have everything overlap, keeping the 'Walkie Talkie' in the center of the bridge's span, and getting low enough that I could see under the sign and see the bridge. To get this shot I had to get on my knees, setting my tripod about 40cm off the ground.

Tower Walk Way

The other aspect of this composition is that it is actually a Pano. I have a D7100, crop sensor Nikon DSLR and using my 35mm 1.8 prime lease I could not get everything into the shot that I wanted so I created Pano. I am quite pleased with the result and I will be back at Tower Bridge on the 2nd January 2016 to take another composition of Tower Bridge, that I walked past on this shoot and fell in love with. When it is done I will put it up in a blog for all to see and comment on.

Until then I wish all of my social media followers a Happy New Year and a Prosperous 2016.

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