'Thistle' the flower of Scotland, available at 20% off in our WINTER SALE!!!!! 2 Days to go!!!

'Thistle' this image of the flower of Scotland was taken in a meadow in Ket UK, strong colours and a strong bokeh show off the other flowers in the meadow. This piece of Fine Art Photography is available in our shop at a 20% discount from the 26 December 2016. Don't forget to use discount code J5J483L.

This image is available in Canvas, Aluminium and Acrylic, in sizes 30"x20", 45"x30" and 60"x40". Remember that these measurements are in INCHES and not CMs they are large pieces. Available in the shop now; but from the 26 December 2016 on you can get 20% OFF by using discount code J5J483L.

Charles Sterling Jarrett Photography is committed to bringing gallery styled pieces to your home and offices, to create impact and colour.

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