I Am Truely A Warm Weather Being!!!

You know with my Caribbean genes, 'I am truely a warm weather being'; however if I am going to be a Landscape photographer, I am going to need to put on my thermals and get out there when it is -1.5c and get shooting. Today went to Jubilee Park in Bromley Kent and it was wonderful just to  wonder around and look for light and interesting things to photograph, whilst avoiding all of the inquisitive dogs, who kept coming close, to find out what this man was up to with a camera.

Jubilee Park, has some light woodland as well as some wide open spaces, and because of this, there is very little continuity in the landscape that would make a great photograph. I think visiting when the sun is higher would work better for the woodlands areas, because you would get shots with the sun coming down through the trees almost vertically.

If you thought going out in the frost to take pictures was my idea, think again. I was inspired by Thomas Heaton (@theatonphoto) in the video below; and I thought if he can do it without a hat, then I can have a go! 

So after being made to feel totally guilty sitting at my warm desk watching YouTube photography videos, I decided to wonder out to see what I could see. I have to say that I agree with #ThomasHeaton, when the weather is frosty, and the light is poor, you are forced to look at the smaller things, to create compositions from objects below shoulder height. To this end, I tried looking at leaves and the best of my efforts is the image below. Let me know what your thoughts are, I would be happy to hear your comments and thoughts?

Also I would like to know, whether you have developed any tips and tricks to get you out into the crisp winter air to do some Landscape photography??? :-)

Square Space 2017-.jpg

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