Something a Little Different

Keston Common has become one of my favourite playgrounds for photography; only a week ago  I was shooting frosty leaves and frozen ponds. Today as I was finishing my shoot, I was set upon by a gaggle of geese, making the most noise and pruning themselves together in a waltz like dance. Even though I was freezing and making my way back to the car, I just had to stop and try and capture the moment. The light was not great, it was overcast and in the shade, quite dull, it was like having a huge light box and someone forget to turn it on. But some how the whites of their feathers shone through, contrasting with the bright coloured feathers of the ducks in the back ground.

Geese Keston Common

Geese Keston Common

Once I brought the image into post editing, because the light was so flat a lot of the usual tricks of the trade just didn't seem to work, or make the composition pop. Also because this an impromptu passing shot, the head of the goose on the right wasn't sharp due to movement. So I thought lets try something different, lets turn this image into a painting.

Now I had tried this before on a portrait of my son about this time last year, January 2016, and it tuned out OK, so nothing tried nothing gained, you have to be in it to win it. So above you have my effort, I have to say I am quite pleased with it considering it was not planed in anyway, it was just the moment.

If you don't know me by now, you will get to! All comments and advice are welcome.

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