Number 11 Tram Vienna.

Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and it is well worth a visit if you have not been there.

For the last six (6) year I have been to Vienna at least once a year to attend the European Congress of Radiology. In more recent years I have tried to get out in the evenings to take some night shots.

This is a classic night shot with light trails across the road from the Rathaus which is the City Hall of Vienna. Built  by Friedrich von Schmidt from 1872 to 1883, former foreman of the cathedral of Cologne, the building is fashioned in the neo-Gothic style. The buildings in Vienna are beautiful, providing a glimpse into a rich history that feels distinctly royal in many ways.  The thing that always strikes me about the city is that the building are all similar heights which adds to the character of the place; no one building dominates, each consecutive  building adds to the feeling of grandeur.

It is my plan to return to Vienna specifically for photography not sure when. But when I do I will be adding to my portfolio of images from this great city.

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