Frosty Fern to Colour or Not to Colour

As we snuggle up in our warm homes, outside in the frosty cold and bitter winds, there are some photography gems worth hunting for. This image is a classic example of don't look up, look down. I am learning, that it is especially important to look down during the winter months, because the landscape as a whole can be quite sparse and void of colour, and tone. But the stuff you are walking on, can often be more interesting; natures intricate carpet of living and dead things.

This image was taken at Keston Common on the banks of one of the lakes there. I spent some time trying to create a composition of the frozen lake covered in debris and to be  honest I was struggling. And just by chance, I looked down when changing lens and saw this micro world of ferns, spiders webs and frost. It was not easy to get the camera high enough on the tripod so the lens had enough distance to focus, but the effort was worth it. The light on the day was actually much warmer than this  desaturated image, BUT I felt this draws the viewer into the image more without the colours distracting the viewer from the many hidden details in the image.

Frosty Fern

The Image works in colour, but the colour contrast i think, draws the eye away from examining the details in the image. The most noticeable for me is the spiders web in the bottom left which is more apparent in the desaturated image.

When I first saw this composition in the field it was the contrast in colour that drew me to it. I positioned the frame so that a diagonal ran from top left to bottom right along the colour gradient. But when I got into post processing the more I worked at the mage, the more the colour gradient bugged me. I have included both versions of the image in this blog post, and as always I welcome your comments, critiques and criticism.

For me learning is my passion and my aim is to get better and better as a photographer.

I can only achieve that with your opinions, so its open season, looking forward to hearing from you! You may totally disagree so do!

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