Black & White Photography

Endenbridge Trees in a Field & Three Oaks

One Tuesday after a round of Golf I decided to venture out with my camera in hand to see what I could see in Edenbridge. I set myself a time limit of 2 hours, and restricted myself to 1 lens (24-70mm) and I was not going to use a tripod. The whole reason of the exercise was to push myself to take pictures intuitively, spotting compositions and capturing them and moving on. Setting an exposure I could hand hold and getting a good image.

The rules of composition was I trying to use? As many as I could remember in the moment. Have you ever stood before a scene and started to try and remember all the rules of composition, Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, Textures, Form, Tonal Contrast, Odd Numbers, Diagonals ... etc.... and then you come up with a complete blank? It has happened to me many, many times, but with practice it is getting easier.

On this shoot the most important thing I wanted to find was light. The sun was just just beginning to set so this was a great time to start the experiment.

Square Space 2016-.jpg

This image is called 'Trees in a Field'. Here I am trying to use leading lines and the rule of thirds. I am reasonably happy with the winter colours of the trees and the gathering storm I think gives a good colour contrast with warmer colours at the front and cooler colours in the sky. The exposure was a F10, 1/50sec ISO 200mm and a focal length of 29mm (D7100 and 24-70mm Nikkor f2.8).

This Image is called 'Three Oaks'. I decided to convert this image to black & white because there was a large contrast difference between the sky and woods in the bottom left. Also the silhouette of the 'Three Oaks' gave a good focal point on the right, with the sun coming through. In this image I am trying to use the rule of thirds, odd numbers, tonal contrast and leading lines. I think it works. The exposure for this image is F8, 1/500sec, ISO200 and focal length of 31mm. (D7100 and 24-70mm f2.8)

If you want to critique the images above, please do. If you are a photographer, interior designer or a member of the public, your comments are welcome. Which of the images do you prefer? 

Don't be precious, I am not! I just want to get better at photography and be a leading light.

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